Does your child’s school day end before you get off of work?

Are they screaming HECK NO... to daycare or not quite ready to stay home alone?

Do after-school BETTER!!

Here’s your chance to grab a FREE Day of PLAY with Camp P.L.A.Y.!

Claim your spot NOW or register for a free day of play below.


Want to make sure your child is safe, active, learning AND having fun when school lets out? Summer just got WAY MORE FUN with Camp P.L.A.Y.!


We get it, life takes its' toll.


Work. School. Bills. Family. Friends. Stress. Responsibilities.


The List goes on and on. So, who has time to PLAY? Nearly no one.  Who should make time? Surely EVERYONE.



Can Help


P.L.A.Y. eases the time crunch that parents struggle thru to maintain their children’s’ extra-curricular schedules that are sometime more filled than their own. Simultaneously, we provide youth the much-needed opportunity to run, stretch, shake and let it go after-school and on days when school is closed.


No bored kids here! We give the kids what they really want… non-stop adventure and athletic action. Basketball, swimming, soccer, and gymnastics are top on our list of summer activities, but there are other things that make our summer camp, Way More Fun—like forever friendships, unforgettable field trips, fun summer learning, and laughing (lots of laughing).  We embrace all the things that create memories that will last a lifetime, because there’s no “hood” like childhood!

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