Tiffany Gratton McDuffie




Want More...

Time? Money? Fun? Freedom?

You have pushed through, kept going, and made it happen despite the

stress, overwhelm, and strain ...

and now you're tired.


Wait! Before you quit, give in to burnout,

or really scream SOS.

Let me help you reimagine success and flourish with Lifestyle Design Sessions. 


Learn how to go from

chaos to clarity,

stress to success,  and

being afraid to taking action

so you can truly win at work, succeed at home,

and design a life you absolutely love.

The Next Version Of You Is 

Happy, Healthy, and Well-thy...

Mind, Money, Body & Spirit

Lifestyle Design Sessions have expanded!!

No longer are they one-off workshops, but a totally redesigned 12-week small group program curated to help busy, ambitious women heal the areas that are keeping them stuck and robbing them of real, sustainable joy. 


In Lifestyle Design Sessions, we rely on my tried and true Roadmap To Resilience™   to chart your path and use my  3-part framework to:


Design It - Vision without action is just a daydream, but action before vision is a nightmare.

That's why we begin phase 1 by designing your SUPER vision, identifying habits, disrupting self-limiting beliefs that lead to Imposter Syndrome, and creating action plans to get the results you say you want.


Commit To It- Persistence will help you get it, but commitment will help you keep it.

That's why phase 2 (aka the messy middle) is all about

Pausing to determine what to keep, delegate and eliminate.

Planning with smartER goals to get your mind and money right.

PLAYing To Win so the changes you make stick for the long-term.


Live It- It's a movement not a moment. It's yoooour life and it's too short to live on other people's terms.

That's why we use phase 3 to bring it all together with the She P.L.A.Y.S. Pillars to ensure that you can truly win at work, succeed at home and live the life you've always wanted. 


 We don’t deny your thoughts, feelings, or pain, but we do take your power back from them.


We don’t pretend it's not hard work, but so we show you why it's worth it and how to keep going in the "messy middle".  


We don’t see shame in your story or struggles but we look them dead in the eye, give 'em a wink and step up to the challenge and tackle them.


 We control the controllables and we grow from it all 

so you can reach new levels in every area of your life with ease and flow. 


 Say It With Me... "Next Stop Top".

You ready?



Turns out, the struggle isn't real. It's fake news. But the juggle... oh that's real!

So it's not your "load" that's weighing you down, it's how you're carrying it.

- Tiffany Yvonne 



Word on the Streets


As a busy mom of two living abroad, life gets busy. Tiffany inspires me to take action because she’s never afraid to take the road less traveled. In times where I needed advice on the best course of action in business or in life, Tiffany has listened objectively, offered varying perspectives, outlined benefits, highlighted risks and voiced recommendations -- that work! Grateful to rely on her experience as an accomplished business woman, mother, CEO, and community leader, to help me shape my visions, corroborate ideas, and ultimately realize my goals. 




Strategy That Helps You 

Get Unstuck So You Can 

Be Unstoppable

Finally, there's a customized program that will help you identify what’s blocking your breakthroughs, hindering your happiness, and stunting your growth.

YOLO! It's true... You Only Live Once. 

But, once is all you need if you do it right!




Designed and delivered through weekly transformative LIVE video calls PLUS


Intersession Voxer audio check-ins,

4 months access to Oola x She PLAYS Pocket Goal Attainment System

3 Private  LSD Jumpstart Sessions with Tiffany Yvonne

2 Purposeful PLAYdate Events (Live In person, if possible)

1 Bonus Career OR Business Planning Workshop

Merch with a Message Box

Discounts for the She PLAYS Shop



Get ready to get your shift together​ with nuero-science, positive psychology,

and play-based strategies.  


It's time to design a life you absolutely love and grow into the

next best version of yourself.


Sessions we’ll cover things like:

               Personal Vision, Mission, and  Purpose Statements                    
       Self-Love, Self-Acceptance,  Self-Compassion, and Self- Mastery                      

 Habits for Healing, Habits for Growth, and Healthy Boundaries

SMART-ER Goals & 12-week Planning Methodology

Money, Mindset, and Momentum Hacks

(Re)define happiness, (Re)imagine success, & (Re)captivate Resilience

+ More


You’ve mastered smarts and strength. Let’s make room for strategy and self-care. You’ve navigated the chaos. Let’s make room for calm, commitment, and consistency. You’ve been showing up for others. It's time to show up for the real MVP... You!




Lifestyle Design Jump Start

Not Ready To Jump Into A Full Program? No Worries.


I. Got. You.

Sometimes you just need a moment of clarity, a voice of reason, a conversation with someone who gets it, or a strategy session that will help you make your next move, your best move.

A Lifestyle Design Jump Start Session is a "calm the chaos + fix your focus" 

power hour (and a half - aka 90 minutes).


 This is a VIP session that is reserved for those with a specific and immediate personal wellness or business strategy  goal. 

Word on the Streets


Tiffany inspired me to take the risk and invest in my dreams.  She  helped me to create strategies to navigate my corporate life and provided the guidance needed to overcome obstacles and launch my own business. She has a wealth of ideas, knowledge, and resources. Plus, her courage is contagious. 




Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

I want to make changes in my life and career, but I'm not crystal clear on my path, Am I still a good fit?

Can this help me be a better leader at work and/or in my own business? Can my company pay on my behalf?

I'm already busy, can I really fit this in?  When will sessions be held?

Is this therapy?  Are you a therapist? What are your professional and educational backgrounds? 

No. Lifestyle Design Sessions is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. LSD Sessions are a holistic and mindful approach to self-discovery, self-healing, self-love, and self-mastery. It serves as guidance that adds to the work you are already doing for yourself. Enrollment propels life-changing results if you show up and do the work. All participants enroll at your own risk and your own free will.


No. I am not a therapist. I am a Wellbeing, Resilience, and Emotional Intelligence Expert & Educator. I am also a Certified Public Accountant, and a former financial services professional   with more than 20 years of experience, working in various positions, such as Social Worker, Treatment Counselor, and Program Director. I earned a degree in Psychology from Rutgers University and certifications in Trauma-Informed Care, Trauma-Informed Treatment, and both Forensic and Motivational Interviewing, along with several others. 

How many people are in the program?

What is the total cost and do you offer payment plans?

Are there any other ways to work with you?

I'm interested, but can we talk about it?

Of course! 15 minute Chemistry Calls are available to further discuss the program and determine if you are a good fit for the program. Book one here: Talk with Tiffany

 Word on the (Corporate) Streets


Thank you for speaking to the Women @TU this morning!

I love your energy! As a mom of 4 and a woman in leadership, your message hit home. I am guilty of "Superwoman Syndrome". Your talk was a great reminder that it's necessary to pause and take care of me! When I do, everything and everyone benefits.


-Kelly McGuire

Mom. Retired "Superwoman". Director, Transunion.

Hi, I'm Tiffany Yvonne...

...and I was once a burnt-out, unfulfilled worker bee, plugging away at my ‘good’ jobs that didn’t bring me joy.

Successful? Yes, Very!

Happy? Ummm... Not So Much.

But now, it's a different story.


Through Lifestyle Design Sessions, I’m on a mission to create the next generation of PLAYmakers, carving out a happier way of living and working with real balance, growth, purpose, and intention. This holistic, experiential, and transformational program provides strategies and tools to destroy old ways of approaching work, wellbeing, happiness and career development, replacing them with practical mindset shifts and tools to create lasting change.


We empower female leaders to manage themselves better and model that behavior to empower their teams too. Why? Because when we master our own version of happiness, we can pass that on and collectively contribute to happier homes, workplaces, societies and communities.


I'm a CPA, turned Culture and Emotional Intelligence Expert, Educator, and Consultant who integrates play-based strategies with business and life goals to help leaders navigate stress (at home and at work), find their purpose, and create spaces where people can authentically choose happy, live well-thy, and play more.